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Item Name: Twelve Lessons on the Catholic Faith
Item Number: 978-1-61956-026-0
Price: $10.95
Shipping: $3.99
Twelve Lessons on the Catholic Faith, by Fr. Benjamin Sember.

Fr. Benjamin Sember was 12 years old when he and his family converted from Protestantism and entered the Catholic Church.  He began seminary after high school, attending college at St. John Vianney Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota, and studying Theology at Mundelein Seminary and the North American College in Rome.  He was ordained a priest together with his twin brother, Fr. Joel, in 2007.  Fr. Benjamin has a degree in Canon Law from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. He is a secular member of the Carmelite Order and a priest of the Diocese of Green Bay.

These Twelve Lessons are designed to give an introduction to the Catholic faith which is simple and clear, but at the same time thorough and rich with details. These lessons are written so that parents can read them to their children. The important points are brought within the reach of a child, but without taking away their robust and authentic character. Many of the details are left out so that the main points and the overall direction of the stories is obvious. For this reason it is important to use Bible stories and prayer books to supplement the lessons.

The lessons will be more effective if parents read each lesson at least twice before moving on to the next one, because children enjoy repetition and they will absorb more from each lesson as they become comfortable with it. The lessons are very full, and parents should feel free to pause for conversation, and even stop at a natural break and continue the lesson later. The questions at the end of the lesson are not a quiz; they are a way of presenting the main points in a form that is simple and easy to remember. The questions in italics could be memorized by children who are preparing to receive their First Communion. Also, it is possible to read Lesson 8 immediately after Lesson 2 in preparation for the sacrament of Confession.