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Submission Guidelines

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How should I submit my proposal?

First, even if you already have completed the manuscript, we will request a proposal.

A fully developed proposal should include the following items:

A brief cover letter that tells us name, address, phone number and e-mail address

Manuscripts working title

Anticipated manuscript length and anticipated completion date

a comparison to other books on the same subject, with an explanation why you think your book is unique (this is one of the most important elements of your proposal).

A two-to-four-page typed chapter outline that describes the content and purpose of each chapter as well as any other relevant features of the manuscript, such as illustrations and appendices.

A one-page statement of your qualifications for writing the proposed book, how you intend to research it, and a summary of your personal and professional background.

If you have not published with Tau Publishing before, you should send us one or two sample chapters from the manuscript, or some other sample of your writing.

We would prefer to receive your proposal by email. If you send us your proposal through the mail, please enclose a SASE with sufficient return postage if you want your materials returned. You can expect an initial response within 6 weeks of your proposal. We would appreciate knowing if your proposal is being simultaneously submitted to other publishers.

Publishing Contract

Once we accept your book to be published we will prepare a publishing contract and email it to you for review. We pay a royalty on net sales four times per year. We also give a generous discount off the list price of our books to our authors for them to sell them directly.

Formatting your manuscript

We prefer your manuscript be delivered on diskette, CD, or as a Word attachment to an email. (Microsoft Word format is appreciated).

In addition, we also ask that you send a typed or printed copy of your manuscript. It must be double-spaced throughout (including long quotations and bibliographies), on one side only of 8 1/2 x 11 -inch white paper, with all pages consecutively numbered throughout.

Margins should be no less than an inch and a half. Please make sure to keep a copy of your manuscript.

If your manuscript includes quotations from copyrighted materials, the responsibility for obtaining permission from the copyright holders to reprint such material (plus the payment of any permissions fee) is yours. All biblical citations -- unless otherwise agreed to -- should be from the Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition.

Who will be my editor?

Until your completed manuscript is accepted for publication, you will be dealing with an acquisitions editor. After acceptance, your manuscript is given to a project editor, who will copy edit, format, and proofread it for publication. The project editor will inform you of the necessary deadlines for returning proofs.